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Native American Indian Pauwau . 

"Pauwau" comes from the
Algonquin word (pow wow)
A gathering in celebration to renew friendships, to exchange knowledge, and to trade skills.

Have you ever heard anyone say "I'm part Indian?"  if they do, ask them "which part, which foot, or ear or which part?"  We are either Indian or Not - there's no such thing as "part" 

It's how your heart lives in this world and how you carry yourself. ~

The Native American Culture and History ...

Theirs was life that realized harmony with nature, sustainability, personal freedom, and balance between work, play, and praise. The land furnished all ... food in abundance, materials for shelter, clothing and utensils, visual grandeur still vivid today, and herbs to treat every known illness until the Europeans came.  

Life would never be the same again for those who were great steward of God's precious land.

The sacrifice that our ancestors all the Natives who gave up their lands to the White Man ... but those who also learned to live peaceably among them ... is the reason behind this event.

In God Our Creator's name we honor our Ancestors ... bring a story to tell ... and teach our friends and neighbors our life.

Our events are open to the public - for all who wish to learn - experience - and remember all that was given to have life as it is today.

We recognize and honor ALL Native People from many tribes all over America who sacrificed lands that belonged to their People.  Many many were killed for protecting their own.

“We” can not erase history.  “We” can not change history.  “We” CAN learn from history and give honor thanks and respect where it is due.






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