The 2011 Powhatan Day Festival & Pauwau will be held Saturday October 1, 2011.  Come out and enjoy our 4th Annual Event to honor and celebrate Powhatan and our roots!

We are excited to welcome many to our community with our unique one of a kind event to educate and experience all who attend!

art . crafts . food . native music . horses . fellowship . children's activities . relics . archery . & much more!

October 1st, 2011

2693 Rocky Oak Road
Rocky Oak Farm
(Flatrock Area
Route 60)
Powhatan, VA
(Directions here)

Gates will open at 11:00 am with music and more for everyone
12:00 noon Grand Entry Ceremony

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Powhatan Pauwau

Everyone is getting excited!
Can't wait for Pauwau Time!

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All About Chief Powhatan

Indian Prayer

See Photos from:

2010 Pauwau

2009 Pauwau

2008 Pauwau

2007 Pauwau


 Have you ever heard anyone say "I'm part Indian?"  if they do, ask them "which part, which foot, or ear or which part?"

We are either Indian or Not - there's no such thing as "part" ~

It's how your heart lives in this world and how you carry yourself.


Powhatan Pauwau

a Heritage Celebration ...
a Native American Festival ...
a Celebration of The People of Powhatan & our Roots!

"To serve others, to be of some use to family, community, nation, and the world is one of the main purposes for which human beings have been created. Do not fill yourself with your own affairs and forget your most important talks. True happiness comes only to those who dedicate their lives to the service of others."



Introduction to www.pauwau.com 

The Native American Culture and History ...

Theirs was life that realized harmony with nature, sustainability, personal freedom, and balance between work, play, and praise. The land furnished all ... food in abundance, materials for shelter, clothing and utensils, visual grandeur still vivid today, and herbs to treat every known illness until the Europeans came.  

Life would never be the same again for those who were great steward of God's precious land.

The sacrifice that our ancestors all the Natives who gave up their lands to the White Man ... but those who also learned to live peaceably among them ... is the reason behind this event.

In God's name we honor our Ancestors ... bring a story to tell ... honor the Great Chief Powhatan ... and teach our friends and neighbors our life.

It was the vision of Curtis & Katrina Blankenship (we both being of Cherokee descent) to share the culture of our Native Ancestors as well as bring an appreciation and realization to the citizens of Powhatan County of the sacrifice made by Powhatan's People.  So this Pauwau (term meaning  "pow-wow".  The word "pow-wow" comes from the Algonquin word "pau wau" - A gathering in celebration to renew friendships, to exchange knowledge, and to trade skills.)

Our events are open to the public - for all who wish to learn - experience - and remember all that was given to have life as it is today.

We recognize and honor ALL Native People from many tribes all over America who sacrificed lands that belonged to their People.  Many many were killed for protecting their own.

“We” can not erase history.  “We” can not change history.  “We” CAN learn from history and give honor thanks and respect where it is due.

We welcome you ... please click on the links on the right to find out all about the Pauwau!  Also ... be sure to sign the guestbook!

Curtis & Katrina Blankenship - Hosts
Powhatan, Virginia

About our 2009 Celebration - October 9 & 10, 2009

There are not words to describe how God blessed our day - our weekend - we had the most WONDERFUL dancers - drums and head staff!  The public who came to be a part and all the vendors made this the most special and honorable weekend we could have ever asked for.  I will give you a full recap later today - hundreds and hundreds of pictures - videos - and more to come!

We are still tearing down canopies, gathering signs and more today - the Lord blessed us with a great day at church yesterday and our family was able to get a little sleep - we have much left to do to wrap things up - you will enjoy the future of this website ... many new ideas in the making ... stay tuned.

Arvel Bird created the perfect atmosphere of glory and honor this weekend with his performance - stories - and songs ... the crowd LOVED his music and his special gifts!

A special note - Our dancers were so wonderful - and we were all in AWE when we were honored with a special Native American Dancer who traveled afar to be with us and share this special day - Apesanahkwat who stared in many movies including Northern Exposure and Walker, Texas Ranger.  We will have more information for you later - his family was incredible - their love, kindness and deep devotion to the Native American Culture and ways of life was so evident in the day.  We were honored to have Apesanhkwat and his wife and precious children with us.  I believe that our dancers had a great time dancing with them and yet they were so "down-to-earth" and lovely people.

Like I said ... Only the Lord above knows how special this day was to everyone.  The love and respect for one another - that my friend ... was what it was ALL about ... a "Pauwau" ... a gathering of friends, neighbors to fellowship and share.
~ Curtis & Katrina

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